Every few years you need to change the filter media in your sand filter, if your current filter media is sand, it should be changed every three to five years, if your current media is glass it should be changed every seven to eight years.

The best time to change the sand or glass in your filter is in the spring before startup.  In the spring the sand or glass is dry, making it easier to remove then changing it mid or late season.

  1. First thing you always do when changing out your filter media is to make sure that the pump is turned off. Turn your multiport valve to close or if your filter does not have a closed position plug off the return, close all shut off valves or plug the skimmer, remove the drain plug to allow the filter to empty, remove the bolt or clamp on the filter head and lift the head off.
  2. Next, you’re going to need to remove the sand or glass.  If you have a wet / dry vac it is easier, but you can always scoop it out by hand or with a ladle.  Be careful when removing the sand that you do not tip to filter, you can cause damage to the standpipe and laterals that are inside the unit.
  3. Once all the sand has been removed, carefully remove the standpipe and lateral assembly.  Some types of laterals will snap up or will screw off.  Once you have it out of the unit, you’re going to clean the assembly to remove all debris.  Rinse all the parts and carefully examine them to make sure that there are no hairline cracks throughout.  Rinse your filter tank with water and examine that to ensure that there is no hairline cracks within the tank itself.
  4. Next place the standpipe and lateral assembly back into place and install the drain plug. Cover the hole from the standpipe using duct tape or even an upside-down cup and fill the filter body about halfway with water. The water just acts as a protector to the lateral assembly as you pour the new sand or glass into the tank.  Be sure you check the make and model of your sand filter to determine how much sand or glass is required, most often the amount of sand required is noted on the front of the filter tank itself.
  5. Complete the reassembly of the filter head and open your plumbing.  Start the system up on back wash to rinse any loose sand from the plumbing.  If you don’t do the back wash loose particles of sand / glass may end up back into your pool.

And there you have it, 5 easy steps to replacing the sand / glass filter media.  If you are still unsure about DIY’ing this step, just complete the form using this link: and our service team will forward you a quote.

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