Your pool is your pride and joy – in fact, when you’re not luxuriating in its cool blue waters, you feel you could stare at it all day. Why on earth would you want to cover it up? Well, possibly when the ice and snow hit, but surely not before then?

Surprisingly, swimming pool covers are a must even during the months your family is practically living in the pool. If you’re not convinced, when you see the money a pool cover puts back in your pocket you soon will be.

Save All Kinds of Money With Swimming Pool Covers

While pool covers may seem like just another expensive accessory, they actually pay for themselves in a couple of years – and after that, the dividends just keep on coming. There are several ways pool covers help reduce costs:

  • Preventing water loss from evaporation. Did you know that almost four litres of water can evaporate from an uncovered pool in just two hours on a hot day? That’s a bag of milk! If you’re thinking that water is cheap so who cares, read on…
  • Preventing energy loss from evaporating water. Turns out when pool water evaporates, it takes a huge amount of heat with it. It may be hard to believe when the sun is beating down, but that’s science for you: evaporating pool water draws energy in the form of heat from the pool. So much so, that covering your pool when not in use can reduce your heating costs by 50 to 70 percent.
  • Reducing chemical consumption. Pool covers can reduce consumption of chlorine and other chemicals by up to 60 percent, not just because the water isn’t evaporating, but because the action of the sun’s UV rays on an uncovered pool actually breaks down chlorine in the water. Reducing chemical consumption is not only good for the environment, it’s good for your wallet.

Other Benefits of Swimming Pool Covers

As if saving money and helping the environment isn’t enough, pool covers save lives. Families with small children and pets typically don’t hesitate to invest in an automatic pool cover. Even if you aren’t worried about those close to you, considering others is a good idea. If your fence can be breached, count on neighbourhood kids, pets, and local wildlife potentially wandering across your property. The right pool cover can prevent accidents and drowning.

On a practical level, pool covers reduce your maintenance time and frequency by preventing dirt and debris from falling into the pool.

Questions About Pool Covers? Ask an Expert.

There are actually conditions in which NOT using a pool cover would be better (for example, if you only swim at night and have high humidity conditions during the day), and there is more you can do to reduce pool water evaporation (such as properly installing a windbreak). There are also many varieties of pool covers to choose from. For expert advice on pool covers, call (902) 876 2773 today!

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