Bringing out Value and Quality is my goal for 2014


Bringing out Value and Quality is my goal for 2014

Posted by Kara Redden on Mon, Jan 27, 2014 @ 23:01 PM

A New Year is upon us. And with a new year comes new opportunities. I love that part!

I am a quality over quantity kind of girl. I understand the value of a dollar and strive in my own work and home to improve the quality of what I do, sell and give instead of making more of it. We can’t be everything to all people and that goes personally and professionally.

I’d have to guess that these values come from my parents, and what I observe and try to enforce in our family business. R&R Pools is all about quality, value and what you get for that $1. We are not Wal-Mart and I am happy with that. We wouldn’t be able to offer you so many programs if we operated that way.

So my goal for 2014 is to really embrace quality. Many of the products that we carry and service are of great quality and that’s not an accident. I always joke that we don’t sell crap because if it is a pain for you then you will make my life miserable too when it falls apart or doesn’t work right. It might be a joke but it’s true.  Not to say we don’t have some bargain products, but we try to find a higher quality option too.

One of my big things is I love to educate. I find there is great value in quality information. The more you know, the better decision you can make. It can be hard to get that information with so many channels yet so few experts. And we all know your neighbour is NOT an expert on swimming pools…

So in 2014 we will be focusing on the quality of information and seminars we can offer our potential customers and all of you who already have the pleasure of a backyard paradise. Increasing our value quota so you better understand us and our offerings.  Maybe by making you a little bit smarter we can make your swimming pool life just that much easier.

We have been offering DIY on opening and closing your swimming pool for about 5 years now with great success. Loads of info, a great platform for asking questions and a bunch of experts that have really opened and closed pools on hand. Couple that with our new blog last year, our inspection program and our enewsletter series and we hope to continue to go up from there by finding new ways to offer you quality information you need to make pool life easy.

In the meantime embrace the value and look for quality over quantity. It’s the best deal you’ll ever get.

For more information on our DIY seminars check us out here. And stay tuned for more great info pieces coming your way in 2014.

Have a great idea or question. Touch base with us at 902.876.2773 or

Everyone deserves a little r&r.

Cheers,  Kara

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