Borates! The bonus way to reduce your chlorine consumption.


Borates: How Do They Work? 

Borate (Optimizer Plus)

This product is a surefire way of adding sparkle and shine to your pool. Besides buffering the water’s alkalinity and pH, it prevents algae growth and helps you reduce chlorine consumption. It’s no secret; it has brought a much-needed change in pool maintenance and cleaning methods.

Optimizer plus works well with either chlorine or bromine sanitizing programs and helps them to work more efficiently.  Helping to keep the water balanced, it creates soft and soothing water.  It is stable in the pool and is not reduced by the sun’s UV rays.

Optimizer Plus, by BioGuard, is sold in a 9kg size and retails for approx. $99.29.  You would add it in the spring and (weather depending) it will last all season long.  The amount required at the beginning of the season would depend on your pool size, and the current reading of borates in your water.  Your best option is to bring a water sample in to have it tested for borates and then apply the dosage suggested by your pool professional.

The initial application is very simple.  Backwash and clean your filter.  Balance your pool water and broadcast the product over the surface of the pool with the pump running.  The application should be divided into 3 equal doses and brush any undissolved product from the bottom of the pool.

It is recommended that you have your water tested by your pool professional once per month.  Your pool professional will determine if the Optimizer Plus reading is within the ideal range and will advise if additional product is required.  Any additions are minor, unless a substantial amount of water has been drained from the pool.  Typically the main reason for the loss of product is due to splash out, dilution during heavy rains or from backwashing.

Benefits of Using Borates

  • Less chlorine—because borates effectively prevent algae growth, you’ll use less chlorine, meaning you’ll save some bucks in monthly chemical costs.
  • Soft & shiny water—borates help your swimming pool stay clean longer. Using a borate agent, such as Optimizer Plus, ensures that chloramine doesn’t develop quickly.
  • Helps stabilize the pH level—this is true, mainly if you use borates with neutral pH levels. At such levels, you can rest assured that the chemicals in your pool will be stabilized.

Besides making the water healthy, borates prevent your skin from drying and your eyes from getting red and itchy.

Watch BioGuard’s Youtube video on Optimizer Plus and its benefits to you:

Adding Optimizer Plus to your cool care routine for a softer feeling water that stays much clearer and suppresses algae!

Speak to your local BioGuard Dealer, R&R Pools or view it on the online store at:, for more information and to add Optimizer Plus to your maintenance program.  Welcome to optimized pool enjoyment!

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