Tis the season, the pools are closed for the winter and now we are looking forward to enjoying the hot tub on those cold evenings.  For those who do not have a hot tub, don’t despair, we have scents that will work in your bathtub, sauna, steam shower, humidifier, and some that can be put into your washing machine.  

Aromatherapy has been used for decades to benefit the body and the mind, from the common cold and flu to insomnia and anxiety.  Botanicals have been shown in many studies to contain active compounds which improve psychological and physical well being.  Although there is no scientific evidence to support some claims made for aromatherapy in your hot tub they can help you to relax, improve your mood, and allow you to sleep better.  Our brands of scents will not harm your hot tub or change the chemical balance of your water.  

Here is a list of some common ailments and the scents that help:

  • Anxiety:  Lavender, Jasmine, Rose
  • Brain stimulation:  Rosemary, Juniper, Sage
  • Bruises:  Lavender, Chamomile
  • Colds or Flu:  Eucalyptus, Pine Fir
  • Depression:  Rose, Lavender, Jasmine
  • Insomnia:  Tangerine, Geranium
  • Low Energy:  Eucalyptus
  • Migraine:  Peppermint,
  • Muscle Pain:  Rosemary, Lavender, Nutmeg
  • Skin Ailments:  Eucalyptus, Chamomile
  • Stress:  Rose, Jasmine, Lavender

If you are a sports enthusiast or maybe your joints are aching, some RX is what you really need.  Check out the RX line up we have in store:

  • Muscular Therapy – Stretch & Relax
  • Joint Therapy – Stimulate & Release
  • Stress Therapy – Rest Easy
  • Sport Therapy – Rebuild
  • Skinny & Firm Therapy – Tighten and Firm your body as you soak away those extra fluids and cellulite.

Sometimes it’s not an ailment that you are trying to cure with a scent, but the want to reminisce and the scent that may invoke that memory for you, allowing you to drift away in relaxing thought after a tough day at the office, or stuck in traffic.

Now that you have thought about the aroma you want, the next thing you’ll need to choose…  Crystal or Liquid?  Both have their own benefits, all though they both are oil free, non-toxic and water soluble.  

Liquid scents tend to have a great moisturizing lotion and water softener added.  Liquids can last anywhere from 20 – 45 minutes

Crystals are salt based and are great for exfoliating; they also contain aloe for moisturizing and are water softeners.  Furthermore, vitamins and minerals are added to help targeted areas.  Crystal scents can last 20 – 30 minutes.

It is perfectly acceptable to mix a crystal and liquid scent together, creating your own fragrance.  One that has been tried and loved is Eucalyptus Mint Crystals and Warm French Vanilla Liquid.  The combination is the perfect blend of mint and vanilla, providing both stress relief from the eucalyptus with the calming effect of vanilla.


**Please do not use essential oils in your hot tub or spa, oils can clog the filters and make water care difficult.

With over 60 different scents available, we have something pleasing for everyone’s nose.  Whether you prefer a fruity or floral, musky or mild smell, we can help you choose the right one. So, the next time you immerse yourself in the hot tub, add some scents to the water, turn on the jets and soak all your worries away.

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