Are you having issues priming the pump?


If you’re finding that your pump won’t prime, here are some possible issues you can check at home before placing a request for a service call:

  • Make sure the water level in the pool is high enough so water can flow into the skimmer (about ½ – ¾ up the skimmer opening).
  • Check the lid and the lid o-ring to ensure you have a tight seal.  If the o-ring looks worn it may need to be replaced. If it appears dry, try adding a little lube to it.  If the lid has a crack, it should be replaced.  Any issues with the lid or the o-ring may allow air to enter the pump and cause priming issues.
  • Check to make sure the skimmer weir (the little flappy door) is not stuck in the up position.  If this is the issue, try filing the edges to prevent it from happening in the future, or purchase a new door.
  • Is the pump installed a distance from the pool or is it elevated above the water level?  The time needed to prime the pump could be longer.
  • Check to make sure the basket is free of debris.

If there is water in the pump you can allow it to try to prime for up to 5 minutes without damaging the pump.

If you are still unable to get the pump to prime, request a service call.

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