An Expert Interview on Liner Renovations


Liner Replacements are a common renovation for the team members here at R&R Pools and we have come to appreciate the quality of workmanship with the liners made by Latham Pool Products.  Our long-standing relationship with them has led us to ask David Berger of Latham some of your most frequently asked questions.  Let’s see what Dave has to say:

What sets Latham liners apart from other liner manufacturers?

DB:  Ultra-seam, 5-year full warranty

How long should an inground vinyl liner last?

DB:  In today’s age I would say 10 years

What are the most common issues that causes a vinyl liner to be replaced prematurely?

DB:  Improper water chemistry, not enough timely maintenance

What other renovations would be easy to complete when changing a vinyl liner?

DB:  Steps, skimmer, returns.

What maintenance is required for a vinyl liner?

DB:  Daily testing, regular cleaning of the scum line around the pool

What does the mil / gauge mean when referring to a liner?  Is it important for a client to investigate this information when purchasing?

DB:  Mil and gauge are 2 different ways of speaking about thickness… a 27-mil liner is equal to a 30-gauge liner.

When it comes to color choices, is a dark color liner or a light color liner a better choice, or is there a difference other than personnel preference?

DB:  Personal preference… need to remember that all vinyl has what is called a “fade factor” … a darker liner will show fade easier than a lighter coloured liner.

Replacing your pool liner will make the pool look brand new again and picking out a new liner pattern will be a fun way to update your backyard space. 

You may also consider a few other renovations to be completed at the same time as some items can only be installed at the time of a major renovation.  Lights and certain steps are such examples. Additionally, it may be more convenient to bundle everything together if you are financing this project. And if you are ready to remake that commitment to your pool you may think it’s now or never on the other items you have always wanted.  

So, if your inground pool liner is showing signs of wear, has a few patches, has become faded or will not stay in the track, you should consider beginning the process of a liner replacement.  Contact our service team today at or 902-876-2773 to schedule your liner replacement consultation and measurement!

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