A Variable Speed Pump with Smart Control will Save You Money




If your significant other is anything like mine, they LOVE technology and NEED to have every new gadget that becomes available.  While some of these devices are only passing trends, some have made their way into our homes and we find ourselves wondering how we ever functioned without them before.

That’s how the staff here are R&R feel about the new Hayward VS Omni Variable-Speed Pump with Smart Control.  This system takes your swimming pool to the next level, while saving you money.  It provides pool control and scheduling from anywhere via your smartphone.  The VS Omni can control up to 4 pieces of equipment including your pump, heater and lighting.  But where are the money savings?

The energy efficiency of this pump can save you up to 90% in energy costs per year. Hayward Pool Canada has created a savings calculator.  Just enter your location and pool size and it will calculate your expected savings.  It’s that simple.

But you want to save even more money?  Pair the energy savings with this $100.00 rebate offered from Hayward Canada – but please note that the purchase must be made by September 30, 2018 and the equipment must be installed by a pool professional to qualify.

Check out these other money saving ideas:

  1. Use a pool cover! Using a bubble, thermal or automatic cover saves you lots of money! If one just will not suit, consider using a liquid solar blanket. It’s not a 100% replacement but keeping both heat in and water loss (think evaporation) down is important in saving money, energy and frustration. Use the blanket especially at night when the air tends to steal away all that new heat. Lowers water loss, heat loss and reduces chemical usage.
  2. Consider swapping your electric or gas heater for solar or a heat pump. A heat pump is 80% more efficient than the other guys. And it works well in our Nova Scotia climate. Solar is also a good pick as it gives free heat once installed.
  3. Keep your heat turned down a bit. 78 degrees is the most healthful temperature for our bodies so consider dialing it back a few degrees and reap dual rewards.
  4. Look at new pump options. Using a timer can cost you more money in problems but it’s true if you run the pool less you can save money. There are new variable speed pumps that will allow you to dial back how fast the water is moving therefore saving energy and money. Or consider a 2-speed aboveground pump and only use the lower speed.
  5. Keep your baskets clear of debris. Debris restrict flow causing the pump to work harder and therefore using more energy than needed to do its job.

Give a few of these a try and watch the savings grow!

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