Thirty Years and Still Growing


Thirty Years and Still Growing

Posted by Derek Redden on Tue, May 07, 2013 @ 07:07 PM

It is hard to believe that thirty summers have come and gone and I still look forward to the next pool building season. What a great feeling it is to be part of an industry that delivers the dreams of so many families.

We all have a fascination with the water. When I was a child, the Bay of Fundy was our very own salt water swimming pool. It was the best when the tide was out. We would swim and play in the warm pools of water, and dig in the mud and sand to build castles. Afterwards, we’d go for ice cream that would drip down our chins from the summer heat. That’s what kids’ dreams are made of. I still love the Bay of Fundy and the feeling it gave me.

For thirty years now, I have built backyard dreams by day and enjoyed the warm waters of my own backyard pool at night. Although I don’t remember every pool that was built, those families that I worked with have been able to share countless memories while living their own backyard dream.

As this new season approaches, I hope to meet a few more families who have that love of water, and be a part of helping them to make their backyard dreams come true. If you are one of those dreamers, feel free to give me a call, but make sure you have ice cream on hand before I get there.

Derek Redden

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