My Beef with SALT chlorine generators


My Beef with SALT chlorine generators

Posted by Kara Redden on Mon, Feb 24, 2014 @ 00:02 PM

My Beef with Salt Water Pools

Sounds kinda negative doesn’t it. I have been told I am pretty negative when it comes to salt pools. I wouldn’t disagree, but the topic irks me to high heavens. Now it’s not because salt is bad, or because we don’t make any money on it, it really is because no one seems to know the truth about the product.

I would like to say I spend a lot of time educating myself in the hopes to educate my customers. Taking training, writing blogs, all in the hopes that someone is listening and just maybe the information I pass along to them will help them make a better informed decision. Because that’s my goal. To help others make the best decision possible. So you will be happy, and I will be happy. Nothing is worse than setting up bad expectations. I can hear the yelling now.

So when it comes to salt, I want to scream. There are so many people toting this product to be the be-all and end-all. So many reviews of consumers saying how great it is and how you don’t need to do anything all because of manufacturers, pool dealers and false advertising that sent them in that direction.

Now I know that this topic is not the same as the guy that screamed at the top of his lungs that the earth really is round but hey! It’s the only topic I got in my industry so yep I get kinda sour about it.

Salt is NOT the cat’s meow. It’s not the best thing since sliced bread and it is not a NON CHLORINE product!

It’s a sanitizer product that does a good job at what it is supposed to do, but like anything made by man it has pros and cons, good parts and bad parts, things to be aware of and it’s not maintenance free.

So for the sake of families and consumers everywhere I just wish everyone would just stop making the product be something it is not, because it can have some bad consequences when it is used improperly.

The most important goal in my mind is to ensure each and every pool is decontaminated for the weakest immune system in the family. Basically that water has got to be clean. Not clear, CLEAN. My second goal is to educate.

So to educate I have written a salt series of blogs to inform pool owners of what salt pools are, what they can do for your family and what they cannot, so you can decide if you wish to use one. I feel that if I can get the pros and cons out there consumers can make better decisions, whichever way that is.

As of right now there is not a sanitizer system that is completely self-sufficient and every one of them requires attention and regular testing. If you have the time I invite you to learn more about salt than the fact your neighbour calls it the cat’s meow and he is positive is it not chlorine.

So there’s my beef, a great product but not for everyone.


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