The chemicals used in your swimming pool to keep the water clean and safe to use can also be potentially dangerous and can present hazards if not used or stored properly. 

Here are 9 tips for storing your chemicals.

Keep out of reach of little hands and paws

Without placing the chemicals too high that you have difficulty reaching them and it’s potential to cause a safety hazard for yourself, be sure that they are out of reach of children and pets.  Any accidental spills should be wiped up immediately to keep curious little fingers and paws away from any dangers.

Read the label for manufacturer instructions

Different chemicals may have different instructions for use and storage, be sure to read the label of each chemical before storing and using.  Also take into consideration the first aid treatment noted for each chemical.

Always keep the original lids and ensure they are tightly closed

A lid that is not closed properly is more likely to spill when you are handling it.  The use of a lid that is not the original lid to the container may not fit as snugly or may cross-contaminate the chemical.

Do NOT stack chemicals on top of one another.

Some chemicals just do not get along.  To prevent any accidents, keep different chemicals separated and do not stack chemicals on top of each other.

Keep dry and liquid chemicals away from each other

These chemicals are some of the chemicals that do not mix well together.  In fact, if Algaecide were to fall into a bucket of shock, you could have an explosion.  Keep your liquids and dry chemicals separated.

Store chemicals in a clean, cool, dry, well-ventilated area

Pool chemicals should be stored out of direct sunlight in a well-ventilated area.  Do not open your pool chemicals in an enclosed space, carry them out to the side of the pool when using them.

Keep pool chemicals away from other chemicals

Keep your pool chemicals away from other chemicals such as fertilizers, paint, acid, glues and oil.  Different chemicals can cause hazards such as explosions or fires.  Be careful of where each chemical is placed in your garage or shed.

Do not store chemicals near the pool heater

A lot of pool chemicals are flammable and should not be stored next to your pool heater, or any other heat source.

Dispose of unused chemicals properly

Dispose of any unused chemicals by taking them to the hazardous waste depot.  (Wash out empty containers before disposing of them to eliminate any dangers of fire, explosion, or poisoning – Never re-use old containers.)

Pool chemicals store better in cooler temperatures and should be brought indoors to a well-ventilated area during the off-season.  They should be kept indoors until after the frost in the Spring.  Always follow the manufacturer label for proper storage of your chemicals, both in season and off season.

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