7 Must Have Features for your Swimming Pool

pool with many features


Let’s face it: a new in-ground swimming pool is a very nice thing to have. Nobody’s complaining here. Yet it’s important to note that no matter what your space requirements or budget, you have the ability to zhuzh up your new pool with gorgeous swimming pool features, pool fountains and waterfalls that will take it from very nice to the talk of the town.

It Starts With a Fabulous Pool

Great news if you have pool envy – vinyl swimming pools are affordable, and a new one can be professionally installed in very short order, about seven days! That means plenty of time to enjoy backyard pool parties, quick dips and calorie-burning laps this summer. You can customize your pool to match your needs, wants and desires when it comes to shape, size, colour and design, or opt for pre-made options that suit every budget. The best place to start is with pictures of pools you love (a quick online image search will yield thousands of potential options) or sketches of how you’d like your dream retreat to look. Then, one of our experts will conduct a consultation and needs assessment to discuss next steps for getting your pool built to spec.

Now the Fun Part: Swimming Pool Features, Pool Fountains and Waterfalls

Here’s where you let your inner ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’ designer come out to play – without breaking the bank! As with all inground pools, a variety of swimming pool features, pool fountains and waterfalls can be added to your vinyl pool to take it to the next level. Whether you prefer understated simplicity or all the bells and whistles, we can help you choose the features that will make your swimming pool romantic, fun and unique.

Here are seven features we find absolutely transformative for your poolscape alone, or in combination:

  1. Falling water. Waterfalls (with or without a romantic grotto) or sheer water walls can add a breathtaking element.
  2. Tanning ledge. Can’t be bothered to get out of the pool and find your deck chair? A separate shallow area (which can double as a kids’ pool) is the perfect option for sun worshippers.
  3. Fountains. Having one or more fountains inset into your pool or detached can create a sophisticated, modern look, something more dramatic, or add classic charm depending on the design.
  4. Jets. No need to take the kids to a splash pad anymore if you have playful jets and bubblers! Bonus: they make a soothing sound for poolside relaxation.
  5. Fire pit. Create a raised stone platform that will let your guests warm up between evening dips for the ultimate in luxury.
  6. Spillover pools. You know those hotel pools where the water spills over from one side to the other? How do they do that? That’s what your friends and family will marvel when enjoying your spillover pool.
  7. LED lights. Lighting can make your pool unbelievably breathtaking at night.

Need more ideas for swimming pool features, pool fountains and waterfalls? Drop us a note!


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