7 water care tools every pool owner should use


I ended last year questioning my service team members, who work out in the field, about what products they would insist on having for their own pools, so I could bring you the information direct from the pool pros themselves.  The results are in and I found some surprising! I hadn’t thought of them or their importance until I had a discussion with the team based on their answers.  Read on to see what the pros insist on…


Balancers / Alkalinity

I was expecting to hear this answer as our team goes through extensive chemical training every season with R&R Pools.  I am well trained in these chemicals and their importance to your pool water and health. 

The balancing chemicals in your pool water serve different purposes depending on the balancer themselves.  But all in all, they are there for either bather comfort or for protection to your liner and equipment.  Please feel free to stop in store to have a more in-depth discussion on the purpose of each of the balancers you should be using in your pool.


It’s another important piece to the chemistry puzzle.  The easiest way to describe Stabilizer is that it is sunscreen for the chlorine.  It keeps the sun from burning off the chlorine too quickly in your pool water. Without this product you will be burning through your chlorine pucks or sticks faster than you can add them to the pool.  Stabilizer is also required in a salt chlorinated swimming pool as the sanitizer is still chlorine based.  If your sanitizer is Bromine, you will not require this chemical.

Optimizer plus

This is a favorite of mine.  Optimizer Plus is only available through BioGuard dealers, but it is a product I wouldn’t be without in my own pool.  It improves bathing comfort, making the water feel so much softer on your skin, while providing you with superior water quality.  Talk to us today to learn more about the exceptional advantages of Optimizer Plus.

Must Have Accessories / Tools

The Pool Brush / Wall Brush

We recommend that the pool brush, or wall brush, be used a minimum of once a week. This will allow you to brush any particles off the walls of the pool and bring them into the water so your circulation system can filter them and your oxidizer will work to kill them (depending on what the particle is).  These particles can include many forms of bacteria, sunscreen, oils and even algae.

Deep Leaf Net

Another top contender for pool tools is the deep leaf net.  The deep leaf net can be used to skim the top of the water surface and can also skim the bottom of the surface helping to leave the pool looking its best.



With its versatile ability to fit almost all your tools from maintenance to safety, the pole can extend its reach from 8’ – 16’ making it a must have for deep pools and vertically challenged persons like myself.

Test Strips

Test strips, in all honesty, is the answer that surprised me the most.  However, after having a conversation about why they chose this answer, I am convinced that this is at the top of the list for the most important accessory you should have at home!  Many clients feel that the test strip is not a required accessory or tool for your hot tub or swimming pool.

Perhaps their water looks clear and inviting, so they believe the water must be great.  The pool pros at R&R Pools have learned that by simply testing the water, at a minimum of once a week, you can prevent many issues. By monitoring the reading of your sanitizer, you can save yourself from a possible cloudy or algae outbreak.  Irritated eyes may happen if your pH is off. 

It doesn’t take long for a problem to happen in the water so by being diligent in your testing you can save yourself the headache of having to try and clear the pool again prior to that fabulous party you were planning to host in two days.

And there you have it – our list of t items that our pool pros consider must haves for their own backyard retreats. 


  1. Peggy Scott

    I have and use all of the above items except that my leaf net is not a deep one, it’s the skimmer type. I find it easier to keep my pool in great shape for swimming with the Balance Pak chemicals and have had no algae issues at all since using them regularly the last few years. Thank you for all your help in looking after our pool

  2. Lawrence Spencer

    Good news… I have all of these…!

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