5 ways to refresh your aboveground pool THIS summer


5 ways to refresh your aboveground pool THIS summer

Is your aboveground pool feeling a little tired? Is the liner faded or just outdated? Do you not have enough space to entertain or use your pool area the way you want to?

You can fix that! With a little bit of this and a little bit of that you can transform your backyard pool area into a beautiful relaxing and functional piece of paradise.

Here are 5+ ways to make your pool feel like new

  1. above ground liners

    Update your pool liner!

    Let’s renovate! Give your pool a whole new look with a new liner. In just one day you can have a brand new looking swimming pool! There are many different patterns to choose from that look just like the inground pool liners. Make sure you do a foam bottom for cushion for your feet and maybe consider some wall insulation?

2. Add a deck addition to give yourself more space and create that backyard resort feeling. Finish it off with a seating area, eating area or a small outdoor kitchenette. Don’t forget the colourful pillows and our indestructible Strahl outdoor beverageware!

Aboveground light

Elite Light


3. Add a walk-in Step with handrail for smoother entry and exit of the pool. A step is great for both the kids and grandma. Since you’re thinking about ease of use, consider night time use of the pool. A light is an easy and very inexpensive addition to your pool that will make a big difference in how you use the pool when the sun starts to go down. It also adds some ambiance for those late night drinks by the pool.


Pool HeatPump

Pool HeatPump

4. Upgrade your equipment. Is your equipment getting a little old? Would you prefer a cartridge filter vs your old sand unit? Now is the time to talk about it. Want to really get some use out of your pool? Install a heater. Guaranteed to have everyone swimming no matter the outside weather! Speaking about heaters, don’t forget your blanket and roller. Make sure it is in tip top shape especially if you are paying for heat!


Aboveground Prowler Robot

Aboveground Prowler Robot

5. Lastly, get yourself a pool boy, errr robot. Good for Mom, great for Dad. Even the kids think he’s cool. We have a two options in stock that will clean that pool right up. He might not be all that good looking but he’ll sure get the job done.


With summer quickly on its way now is the best time to start making inquiries into any services you may require. Do some research, make some calls and get some pricing.  Deckers and even pool companies book up quickly as everyone rushes to get their backyard in tip top shape for that first HOT Summer Day.

Want to know where to get started? Give us a call or contact us here.


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