5 Tips on making your pool opening easier


5 Tips on making your pool opening easier

Posted by Kara Redden on Sun, Mar 30, 2014 @ 00:11 AM

Finally the time is near, that first splash right around the corner. You can almost taste the burgers and pasta salad. But how to get there without all that pain and frustration. Well you could call in the pros, or maybe you just need a few more tips. Planning ahead is the easiest way to make an opening simpler. Here is a few more way to an easy opening:

1.    Consider opening your swimming pool between the second last week of April and the second week in May. An early open makes for a cleaner pool that will typically have less problems. And should you open the pool at that time with an issue you will have plenty of time to deal with any items that need extra care, replacing or sprucing up.

2.    Have the right friends and tools on hand for the job.

  • Required: 1 friend (willing to get dirty),
  • A brush, pole, net, manual vacuum, vac hose, opening kit from a dealer (quality/strength),
  • Plus ALL the parts removed from the pool last year.

If you have a lot of leaves either a deep net or a leaf vacuum is a great tool. Allow yourself an afternoon for the job.

3.     If you are nervous on trying to open you pool for the first time, attend a free pool opening seminar. R&R Pools offers one every year.

4.     Due for a filter sand change? DO IT NOW, before the pool is running. For proper filtration sand should be changed every 4-5 years. Doing a sand change during the opening will save you LOTS of time and frustration. Added bonus- you can forget about it for another 5 years.

5.     Once you have opened the pool, have your water tested (after 3 days of continuous circulation and you have confirmed your chlorine level is below 3ppm first) by a reputable pool store, preferably a member of the Pool and Hot Tub Council of Canada and follow their instructions. They are the experts. Even with all the information on the internet these days it still cannot match the expertise of those trained specifically in this field

Need to know an easy way to clean up the patio- we posted an article on Facebook about that very topic!

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