5 mistakes to avoid when purchasing an inground swimming pool


Purchasing an inground swimming pool is a big job. As it is a huge investment you want to get it right. Things can run smoothly, on time and on budget when you put your ducks in a row.  Check out how to ensure you dot your i’s and cross your t’s and make the building process a smooth one.

5 mistakes to avoid when purchasing an inground swimming pool

1. Not researching your contractor enough.

Hunny, Whats our contractors name?

Your contractor will make or break the building experience for you. Not just today but years down the road. Doing your due diligence here is very important. Research them, Google them, get references, meet their teams, pop by unexpectedly. Spring brings excitement and homeowners are in a rush to get home projects done quickly before summer. This brings dishonest contractors out of the woodwork. You can rule them out. Check out WCB, Liability insurance, ask home builders, Realtors and others in the “home” business for referrals. You would be surprised what a wealth of information they have.

 2. Not thinking long term.

 Instead Think Tomorrow and Years Later

This is a swimming pool that you want to last for years, decades even. Similar to building a house you need to think long term. That could include resale value but it is also about how your family’s use of the pool will change. Maybe today the kids are young, but some day they will be teenagers. That could mean that your family’s needs may change, so maybe a deep end should beconsidered, or that the pool needs to be large enough to accommodate a slide or diving board one day. What about other family members or friends? Consider your parents. As they age they may have mobility issues so ensuring you have steps and good handrails around the pool could be a priority.These seemingly small things could turn into larger issues as your family’s needs change. It is something to be aware of and consider during the planning stage. Sometimes it is about thinking about tomorrow and not far into the future. Maybe your husband hates to mow the lawn. What about considering a larger deck around the pool? Considering how the new project will integrate with your existing structures and surroundings are key to making your backyard feel like it was planned so it flows cohesively.

 3. Not knowing your options.

 Know your style and what YOU want first.

There are many pool options and accessories out there. Add that to the endless non pool backyard options and it is hard for your pool contactor to tell you EVERYTHING. Do your research! Do not be afraid to bring up ideas and consider keeping an idea book. You could do this online with Houzz or Pinterestor do it the old fashioned way with a scrapbook.

A lot of contractors have certain brands and products they tend to stick with so that is what they show and tell you about it. But it doesn’t mean that they cannot source you other options. This is your project and you will have to live with it. Feel free to be creative! The contractor will tell you if it is something they cannot do. Just make sure you don’t come to them mid build. Those changes can be too costly.

4. Basing your decision on price.

                You get what you pay for.

Granted you don’t want to put your first born up as collateral, but the saying is true more than it is not. A swimming pool is not for the faint of heart. It’s a costly project that is an investment in the project as much as it is in your family. It should last you many years and may play host to several families in its lifetime. You don’t want it to be a bottomless money pit.

                A seasoned contractor that adds value, has a lot of experience and has many referrals is going to cost you more. However, it should be easier to evaluate them through referrals on complicated projects. There are also new contractors entering the market and they keep their prices low to “get in there” or sometimes they are “fly by night-ers”. You may get quite a deal if they are about quality, just starting to get their name out there, or you could end up with problems years down the road from inexperience. It will be harder to evaluate these contractors. Look out for low bid bait and switches or low bids that can lure you in with low project costs just to increase the costs as “problems” are found.

5. Basing your decision on a timeline.

It sounds fantastic doesn’t it? “We can have you swimming in your pool in 2 weeks!”

Does that sound right to you? Is there a good contractor anywhere that has nothing to do? When you decide that a swimming pool is right for you, everyone naturally gets so excited they cannot contain themselves. Do not fall into the “timeline” trap. This eagerness to pounce on the contractor who can fit you in right away can be a prime opportunity for a dishonest contractor to get the job.

When you finally decide you want something you want it now. Be vigilant. A waiting queue might dampen the excitement a bit but there is a reason there is a line-up of others waiting for the same service.


It’s like the old saying, “if I knew then what I know now”…..

This investment will probably be the largest one your family will make after buying the family home. It should last you a long time. Do your due diligence and slow down. You will thank yourself later when the project runs smoothly and the costs are as expected.

Use these tips before you build or even before you renovate your swimming pool to ensure you think your project all the way through and even sideways and upside down.  It will make for a happier purchase down the road which will ensure the overall swimming pool experience will be as it should, a fantastic time!

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