Archive: Jun 2013

  • Need a Sand Change? DIY Today!

    How to Change the Sand in your Filter The silica sand in your filter should be changed every 3 to 5 years. When the sand is new it’s very rough but smoothes over time from the particles in the water. When the sand becomes smooth your filter is no longer efficient. An inefficient filter will […]

  • How to Backwash your Sand Filter

    The sand filter is the only filter media that can be truly backwashed, making it the most user friendly filter. When backwashing, the water flow is reversed pushing up on the sand and releasing the dirt from its jagged surface. TIP – never gauge how long to backwash on the site glass (clear glass/plastic jar on the side […]

  • Water Safety starts with You!

    Water Safety starts with You! Posted by The Team at R&R Pools on Fri, Jun 07, 2013 @ 04:11 AM Water safety is a big concern for everyone. The very first water safety program to address drowning in Canada was in 1946 with the Canadian Red Cross. R & R Pools have joined hands in […]