The SaltScapes™ Saltwater Pool Care System SaltScapes™ Saltwater Pool Care System was designed specifically for saltwater pools and provides everything you will need to keep your saltwater sparkling and protect your equipment and pool surfaces.

BioGuard SaltScapes™ Saltwater Pool Care System is ideal for:

  • Pools of any size or surface
  • Pools equipped with any chlorine generator
  • Those looking for “salt-specific” products intended for use in saltwater pools only

BioGuard is Your Local Saltwater Pool Care Expert

R&R Pools offers free computerized analysis of your saltwater pool and the entire SaltScapes product line to keep it crystal clear, sparkling blue.

The SaltScapes Product Line

Saltwater pools are favoured for their simpler and gentler approach to pool care, but they do have some unique needs when compared to traditional chlorine pools. These are the products you need to properly maintain your saltwater pool:

SaltScapes™ Stabilizer


Your salt cell generates unstabilized chlorine which will diminish rapidly when exposed to sunlight’s UV rays.SaltScapes™ SunShield® Stabilizer protects generated chlorine from sunlight, allowing it to last longer and be less demanding on your system. SunShield Stabilizer dissolves quickly and can be added directly to your pool water, unlike alternative stabilizers and conditioners.


Test stabilizer monthly and maintain a minimum of 30 ppm. One bottle will treat up to 132,000 litres of pool water.

SaltScapes™ pH Reducer


The process a cell uses to convert saltwater into chlorine contributes to higher water pH every time a cell runs.SaltScapes pH Reducer protects your pool surfaces and equipment by lowering pH to the ideal range. It is also a safer option to store and handle than liquid muriatic acid.FOR BEST RESULTS: Broadcast into deep end of pool while not in use and your pump is running. Allow water to circulate for at least two hours then test for ideal pH of 7.2-7.6.

SaltScapes™ Cell Cleaner


The environment within your cell can cause chalky white calcium-scale deposits to form on your cell’s walls over time, decreasing the chlorine output.SaltScapes™ Cell Cleaner is highly effective at removing calcium carbonate scale, calcium phosphate scale, and calcium sulfate scale. It works quickly to remove built-up scale and can then conveniently be disposed of in your pool.FOR BEST RESULTS: Clean your cell at least once per season using the entire bottle.

SaltScapes™ Scale Defender


SaltScapes™ Scale Defender binds to calcium-based scale crystals to prevent them from sticking together and clumping on your pool surfaces.FOR BEST RESULTS: Use monthly to ensure a clean and efficient cell.

SaltScapes™ Chlorine-free Shock Oxidizer


Chlorine is effective at killing bacteria and algae, but creates unpleasant by-products when it reacts with contaminants like sweat, sunscreen or fertilizer. SaltScapes™ Chlorine-Free Shock Oxidizer is a better alternative than boosting chlorine because it eliminates these contaminants without creating unwanted effects, such as a stinky chlorine smell. For best results: One bottle will treat up to 80,000 litres of saltwater. Broadcast product directly into the deep-end of your pool with the pump running in the morning or evening when no one is swimming. Use weekly for clear, fresh odour-free water.