We will not assure that any chemical other then our own will work with these instructions. As many factors can contribute to water problems and treatment, please call us for more information.


  • If pool turned green after a shock treatment the problem is minerals and metals, not algae- please refer to minerals and metal sheet, and add Pool Magnet.
  • Green algae is a plant. It may grow in stagnant water or in water with a chlorine level below 1 ppm. It comes from trees, air, rain etc.
  • Heavy duty shocks (in the proper amount) can kill and prevent the growth of algae. Banish is an algaecide which also can kill and prevent but as shock is cheaper it is smarter to use the algaecide as a preventive only. Weaker algaecides can only prevent and may foam. (5-15%)
  • Pool dealers’ chlorinated shock will eat through solar blankets and wear down toys within an 8 hour period. There should be no swimming during this time period.
  • You cannot test pool water within 48-72hrs after adding pool shock.
  • Smart Shock and other 20-30 minute shocks will not kill algae. Use a heavy duty 8 hr dealer pool shock.


  • To prevent algae growth chlorine must be kept above 1ppm and shocked on a regular basis (7-10 days), keep ph between 7.2-7.6. Also pump and filter should be running 24/7. It is more expensive to fix an algae problem then is the electricity to avoid the problem.
  • Do not vacuum algae up into  the “filter”. It gets caught in the sand and although it may not be seen for a few days it is not dead and will return with a vengeance. To lessen shock treatments with heavy algae blooms- vacuum algae up to “waste or drain” to bypass the filter.(this can only be done by sand filter owners)
  • Shock treatments cannot be “added up”. Shock is an all or nothing chemical. The right amount must be used the first time. If previous shock was added then disregard the amount and continue with the process using proper amount.
  • If you continually have these types of algae problems your sand should be changed. We also sell “Pool Blocks” which are a solid form of algaecide.
  • Always give the pool a good brush down when using shock.