• Most commonly from not adding enough shock treatment at one time, low ph, pollen or nitrogen in the water.
  • Many other factors that can contribute to cloudy water; see actions for specifics.
  • We will not assure that any chemical other then our own will work with these instructions. As many factors can contribute to water problems and treatment, Please call us for more information.
  • The use of inferior products will not remedy problem. These chemicals contain many fillers and are not concentrated.


  • If using shock to remedy problem it must be the “proper” amount of shock, usually recommended by your pool dealer, usually with a heavy 8 hr chlorinated dealer shock.
  • Ph must be between 7.4-7.6, or the “proper” amount of shock will not work.
  • Always keep chlorine level at 1-3ppm, ph between 7.2-7.6, to balance your water properly and follow your routine maintenance schedule.
  • Remove pollen in spring time with a “floc” or at minimum use a net or a “filter saver”.




  • How to not transfer these algae back into your pool:
  • Place all utensils such as your vacuum, hose, pole and brush, etc into pool while shocking (for a few hrs) so they can be disinfected OR wash with a water/bleach mix very well.
  • Put solar blanket back on pool next morning right after you add the algaecide and push it underneath the water so the algaecide can disinfect the blanket. You could also use the water/bleach mix.
  • Wash all bathing suits and towels that came into contact with pool with color safe bleach.
  • Change sand if over the 3-5 year period or if the problem continues to reoccur and you routinely complete your maintenance and your water is properly balanced.