Is it Time to Change the Sand in Your Filter


Here’s a friendly reminder from the Pool Pros at R&R Pools that it may be time to change the sand in your filter! Something that normally goes unnoticed plays a huge part in keeping your pool clean and clear. Over time the filter can become clogged with grime and debris and if you don’t refresh the sand inside, the filter won’t function properly. Kara, The Pool Pro, suggests changing the sand in your filter every 3-5 years. Also, that a convenient time to make this change may be at the start of the spring season when the pool is just being opened as the sand will be dry and easier to remove.

If you are interested to learn more, or are inclined to do it yourself here are some of the basic steps required to keep your sand filter at it’s best:

  1. Turn off the pump, remove drain plug to allow the filter to drain and remove the filter head.
  2. Remove the sand while being careful not to tip the filter (The Pool Pros suggest using a wet/dry vacuum for this part)
  3. Inspect parts, remove any debris, rinse the tank with water and, of course, replace all broken parts.
  4. Reassemble the newly cleaned filter, cover the interior stem/pipe to ensure no sand gets in. Fill the tank about half way with water to prevent the sand from crushing the standpipe or the Add the fresh sand as indicated on the filter, and reattach the filter head.
  5. Run your system on backwash to rinse out all loose sand.

To view a more comprehensive list of steps click HERE to check out the DIY!

Of course, if changing the sand in the filter yourself seems too daunting, the Pool Pros can be there to take care of it for you. They have the right equipment and experience for the job, provide a mess-free service, and will finish the job in an efficient and reasonable time frame.

Then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your refreshed pool or spa!

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