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  1. Maximize Your Pool’s Potential with a Solar Blanket!

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    Considering a solar blanket for your pool? Here’s why it’s a smart investment: While solar blankets offer numerous benefits, we recommend removing them during the day to prevent algae growth in warm, stagnant water. Invest in a solar roller (insert link to: https://www.rrpools.ca/shop/category/solar-rollers-and-accessories/) for hassle-free use – it makes taking the blanket on and off […]

  2. Tips to Extend Your Pool Season

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    Enjoy your swimming pool, but finding the season too short, or want the heat to last longer so you can extend your season?  Here are a few tips to help you accomplish that… Using a Solar Blanket.  Yes, a solar blanket does help to retain the heat in your swimming pool.  We recommend having the […]

  3. Pool Winterization: What the Pros Use

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      The time is coming quickly, many pool owners are already booking their pool closings with us. For those of you out there that prefer to take on the task by yourselves, we have the gear to get the job done right. Our Service technicians do hundreds of pool closings every year, they know the […]