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  1. Top 5 Swimming Pool Myths: Debunked

    R&R News

      The world of pools is full of myths, ones that often effect how people view their pool or others. We at R&R hear these on a daily basis and we thought we should share with you and debunk the most common swimming pool myths. You must wait an hour after eating before swimming. Oh, […]

  2. Some “Did you knows” about R&R Pools

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    What a summer! Could it have gone by any faster? One minute it was May and next thing I know I am preparing for the closing seminar. Hard to believe it is the end of October already. This brings me to a few things I wanted to mention to you. We here at R&R Pools […]

  3. R&R Pools top question of the year about swimming pools

    Water Care

    The swimming pool season is in full swing now. Everyone survived Tropical storm Arthur without too much damage I hope. Seems everyone had a chance to read R&R Pools information about preparing for a storm. The most important thing we say during any kind of wind storm or hurricane is PLEASE TURN YOUR POOL OFF! No one […]