Archive: Mar 2021

  • Problem of the Month: Green Algae

    What is it? Algae is a living organism (plant) that can appear in your pool when your sanitizer levels have dropped to a level that cannot control them.  They can enter your pool by various means, including by the wind.  Heavy rain, high heat and low chlorine levels also add to a rapid algae growth.  […]

  • Top 3 Ways to Reduce Chlorine Consumption

    Everyone with a swimming pool at home knows how things can somewhat go out of control if the chemicals aren’t maintained properly. Your pool’s pH and total alkalinity (TA) should stay at the recommended levels; otherwise, it will negatively impact the function of chemicals—more so chlorine. So, how can you make pool maintenance easier and reduce […]

  • How to Deal with Pool Supply Shortages in 2021

    Mentioning that the world wasn’t prepared for the lockdowns caused by the rapid spread of COVID-19 is an understatement.  With the introduction of safety protocols such as social distancing, goods production and distribution disruptions have had an adverse impact on the supply chain.  So, as a pool owner, how can you effectively deal with potential […]