Orders, Returns & Policies

As we are a seasonal company serving a seasonal recreational past time our time is very precious to those we help. We understand your pressing need to have your own pool serviced as soon as possible but every customer we have has a right to prompt and courteous service.

We go in order of service call orders with priority on those waiting the longest and those pools which are down completely.

Thank you, The R&R Team

Water Analysis

  • Water must have been circulated for a minimum of 48 hrs and have not been shocked within that time period
  • We will NOT guarantee results if circulation has not been completed
  • We charge $25 per water test if you are not buying our chemicals
  • We do not give results over the phone unless chemicals have already been bought (Must have receipt)
  • There is a $5 water charge for salt testing if you are not buying our chemicals
  • Water testing stops 1/2 hr before store closing


  • We may require a deposit or full payment for custom or special order items and with the exception of defects there are no returns on some items
  • *** All orders, materials and services will require prepayment before the service date. 

In-store Purchase Returns

  • Must be within 14 days of the purchase date
  • Must have the original receipt
  • Must be clean and in original packaging
  • We do not return electronics or used vacuums, pumps etc

** We do not accept returns on any chemicals purchased or on custom, special ordered and cut / glued / altered items

Online Store Purchase, Delivery and Return Policy

  • Please see our detailed terms and conditions for our online store by clicking here.

Booking services and orders

  • Bookings, repairs, openings, closing and orders will only be through the office. Derek and our service personnel do not have access to accurate pricing nor appointment schedules
  • Openings and closings are booked by week
  • Service calls typically take up to 10 days in high season (May-July and September) due to the high volume of calls and emergencies
  • Unexpected return service calls can take up to 7 days in high season
  • We offer priority services for those who are in immediate need when time permits

Cancellation policy and Last Minute appointments

  • Cancellation of service calls must be received at least 24hrs before to avoid a $ 50 charge. Field personnel leave shop between 6:30-7am with orders
  • During peak seasons we do our best to accommodate all service needs, however scheduling requires a minimum of 24 hour notice. We do our best to accommodate major emergencies
  • If you turn away a technician a cancellation fee of $50 applies as we could have helped another customers problem

Administration fees

  • Invoice and Statement paper copies – $2.00 each
  • NSF cheques – Bank Charge plus $35.00 ea

Quoting and Payment Policies

  • All orders, material and service will require prepayment before service date. 
  • By approving a quote, you acknowledge that this is a price estimate and subject to change once on site. If we have the ability to fix onsite, we will do so to prevent a return visit charge unless explicit instruction is given. Not all potential repair supplies are pre-quoted. Large services will require return quoting and preapproval.
  • Approved quotes, orders, material and service will be prepaid prior to service and will be paid upon completion of invoice by method provided without consultation.
  • Credit card numbers are required to reserve services and are held to secure accounts
  • R & R Pools reserves the right to automatically charge accounts before or after service with the secured credit card provided
  • Credit card payments can be subjected to additional processing fees and will be charged at time of payment
  • Accounts in arrears of 30 days may be sent to collection with collection fees and the account will be closed
  • Any invoice that is not paid in full forfeits any warranty
  • Any services or goods must be prepaid for accounts previously delinquent or reopened
  • All service accounts with quotes or invoices over $1000 require payment to made in a form of cash due to credit card fees.  If you would like to make a payment over $1000 with your credit card it will be subject to credit card fees.

Payment Options

In person

Cash, cheque, Debit, Visa, and MasterCard are accepted at:

1949 St. Margaret’s Bay Road,
Timberlea, NS

By Mail

Send your cheque, payable to:

1949 ST Margaret’s Bay Rd,
Timberlea, N.S. B3T 1C3

*Post-dated cheques are not accepted.


You can pay online, through any one of the following banks:

  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)
  • Bank of Montreal (BOM)
  • Royal Bank (RBC)
  • Toronto Dominion (TD)
  • Scotiabank (BNS)

Use RR POOLS or R & R POOLS: Check with your financial institution.
Use your 7 digit home phone as your account number.

We also accept EMAIL interac payments. Consult our office before sending one.

Additional Payment Options

The following options require us to obtain pre-authorization and consent for the collection and retention of personal information.

  • Direct Deposit (EDI)
  • Credit Card payments, other than in-store

Sale Price Match Guarantee

R&R Pools will price match any item that goes on sale within 7 days of your purchase.  Purchase must have been made within 7 days prior to the sale and must be in stock at the time of the “official sale.” Excludes special or custom orders and cut or glued items. Also excludes items purchased online or through the construction or service department.