Solar Blankets



Product Description

A solar blanket is a cost-effective tool designed to increase the water temperature of your pool, while keeping dirt and debris out.  Solar blankets absorb the sunlight during the day and retain that heat at night.  A solar blanket can help to raise the temperature of your pool by up to 15 degrees.

5 year warranty.

Please e-mail in to ask about availability for these items.

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Round – 15', Round – 18', Round – 21', Round – 24', Round – 27', Round – 30', Oval – 12'x24', Oval – 15'x30', Oval – 16'x32', Oval – 18'x33', Rectangular – 12'x24', Rectangular – 14'x28', Rectangular – 16'x32', Rectangular – 18'x36', Rectangular – 20'x40'


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