Leaf Net Covers

Product Description

Yard Guard Leaf Covers

Simply lay a leaf net on top of your winter cover when you close your pool and remove it before the first snow. Your cover will be virtually leaf free and spring clean-up will be a snap. Eliminates that messy swamp of decaying leaves!


  • Each cover includes reinforced tie down loops for securing.
  • Above-grounds come with fastening loops, wire cable and metal winch.
  • The leaf cover is available in all sizes of standard pools for in grounds and above grounds.

Please call for availability and pricing.

Additional Information


Round – 15', Round – 18', Round – 21', Round – 24', Round – 27', Round – 30', Oval – 12'x24', Oval – 15'x30', Oval – 16'x32', Oval – 18'x33', Rectangular – 12'x24', Rectangular – 14'x28', Rectangular – 16'x32', Rectangular – 18'x36', Rectangular – 20'x40'


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