inSPAration HydroTherapies Sport RX Spa Bomb

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Product Description

inSPAration’s new SpaBomb Aromatherapy products are specially formulated for Spas, Hot Tubs, Baths and Jetted Tubs. SpaBomb’s are the clean, ultra therapeutic, fizzing Bath Bomb that will not cloud, foam, bubble, color the water or leave any unwanted oily residue. Made with Epsom Salt, Aloe Vera Extract and Vitamins making these the perfect Hot Water Spa & Bath Bomb. All the Fun without the Mess!

Available in the following bombs:

Elevate (Reduces Stress) – Lavender & Cedar Wood

Energize (Increases Energy) – Clary Sage & Ginger

Protect (Detox & Immunity) – Lavender & Rosewood

Rebuild (Joint & Muscle) – Peppermint & Eycalyptus

Relax (Mind & Body) – Chamomile & Bergamot

Stimulate (Respiratory Support) – Eucalyptus, Spearmint & Menthol


Note: Sold individually.

Additional Information


Elevate (Reduces Stress), Energize (Increases Energy), Protect (Detox & Immunity), Rebuild (Joint & Muscle), Relax (Mind & Body), Stimulate (Respiratory Support)


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