Bioguard – Hibernate® Deluxe Closing Kit (80,000 L)


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Product Description

Bioguard – Hibernate® Deluxe Kit (80,000 L)

This specially designed closing kit contains one 1L bottle of BioGuard Hibernate Algicide II and 2 bags of Hiber Shock PLUS one 1L bottle of BioGuard Hibernate Stain & Scale Inhibitor.

  • Designed for all types of swimming pools
  • Specially formulated for cold water and winter conditions
  • Hiber Shock removes swimmer wastes prior to winterization
  • Hibernate Algicide II is effective at killing and controlling algae in swimming pools during the winter months
  • Hibernate Stain & Scale Inhibitor protects the pool over the winter months.  It controls scale formation on surfaces, piping and equipment.  It prevents stains caused by iron, copper and manganese.
  • Eligible for the Pool Opening Green-Free Guarantee (see in-store for details)


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