If you are planning on working or playing around the pool during the winter, we have compiled a few tips on safety as well.

  • Keep the snow and ice clear from around the pool deck to reduce the risk of slipping or falling into the pool.
  • Refrain from shoveling the snow and ice off the pool cover.  This is actually too risky for falls / slips into the pool and it may damage the winter cover.  If you have an above ground pool and notice the walls appears to be caving in at the top due to the weight of the snow, cut the cable and let the cover fall into the pool instead.
  • Do not walk on a frozen pool, even if you have a safety cover over the pool.  Although a safety cover is designed to withstand the weight of objects as heavy as an elephant, there is still a danger of falling through should the integrity of cover fail.
  • Do not attempt to build the pool into a skating rink for the winter months.  For one thing – You never know how far down the pool the ice actually is located.  Although it may appear to be frozen solid, the earth surrounding the pool helps to act as an insulator and there may still be water in the pool which may make it easier for the ice to crack and someone to fall in.  Secondly – Someone may impact the wall with a skate, cutting the cover, liner or cracking pieces such as the skimmer.  The damages that can be caused are quite costly for example, a liner replacement in an above ground pool starts at approx. $2000.00.


  1. Linda

    We don’t have a cover over our pool in the winter and the snow gets pretty high. Is it safe to go out on the pool to remove the heavy snow.

    • Kara Redden

      Hi Linda,

      We would never recommend walking out onto your pool. I suggest trying to scoop some of the snow off from the safety of your pool deck.

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