If you’ve got a backyard pool, your house will automatically be party central, right? True, everything is better when you just add water, especially get-togethers. But if the thought of poolside entertaining makes you cringe, maybe you’ve been reading too many issues of Martha Stewart Living. Relax. You can have the ultimate pool party, without elaborate preparations, Michelin-starred chefs, or heart-pounding anxiety! A wonderfully chillaxed time with family and friends – even dozens of guests – awaits.

10 Tips for a Stress Free Pool Party

  1. Potluck. While the word can evoke images of church basements, group collaboration is, in fact, always in style. Let’s face it: Food preparation on a large scale is time-consuming and difficult, catering is expensive, and serving only beer nuts will leave your guests unsatisfied. The answer: Your guests bring the food and drinks! Remember, you’re already supplying the pool; people will be happy to bring a dish, libation, or snack to the party. Just set up a big table in a sheltered area, and prep coolers full of ice.
  2. Invitations. It may seem unnecessary for a casual party, but once you get past 10 guests or so, it becomes hard to keep track of the details. Services like Evite allow you to do a fair bit of online party planning with ease, including allowing people to decide what they want to bring (may we suggest light salads, summery finger foods, fruit platters, and wine spritzers, for starters). Your invitation should include details on timing, attire, and any alternate rain plans.
  3. Pool treatment. Now is NOT the time to have a cloudy pool. Make sure you’ve done your maintenance, and if a freak rainstorm clouds up the water, contact us for expert advice on how to make sure your pool is crystal clear in time for the party.
  4. Minimalism. While you want your party to shine, the water is already sparkling – you don’t have to overdo the décor! Stick to pretty lighting (paper lanterns, strings of twinkling LED lights, hurricane lamps) and keep the deck area tidy and clear.
  5. Supplies. Some of your guests are sure to be under-equipped, so make sure you have plenty of nice fluffy towels, sunscreen, and rubber flip-flops on hand.
  6. Changing area. Do you really want wet, tipsy guests tracking dirt upstairs? We didn’t think so. If you don’t have a cabana, a portable cabana tent (or two) is a practical and attractive poolside accessory. Just provide plastic bags so guests can easily take home wet swimwear.
  7. Seating. While everyone will enjoy the pool, they’ll need to come up for air sometime. If you have a serious lack of outdoor furniture but don’t want to invest in a lot of new seating, consider bringing select indoor furniture out, rent or buy inexpensive folding chairs, or even spread blankets and quilts on the pool deck.
  8. Kids. Keep them busy with a big piñata filled with dollar-store wearables like necklaces, funny glasses, and tiaras for adorable photo ops. Supply bubbles, small water guns (not Super Soakers unless you want poolside mayhem), and beach balls.
  9. Bug off. Keep DEET-free bug repellent wipes on hand for guests, or better yet, plug in a few fans; the increased airflow will keep mosquitoes at bay and discourage fruit flies from landing on the food.
  10. Tunes. Try for a playlist your family and friends of all ages will recognize, like classic rock and Top 40 hits, not that weird EDM your teenager likes listening to.

Now sit back, grab a drink and relax. It is going to be a great time!

Want to hold a stress free pool party, but don’t have a pool yet? Call us today to discuss your options!

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  1. Rose Clooney

    Kara and the R&R team installed my pool in 2001. I call every year with questions and always get the best advise. Thank You!

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