You walk out to the heat pump and … oh no!  There is water on the ground, the heat pump must be leaking!  What should you do?! 

If you suspect the heat pump is leaking, start by checking the pool water to ensure you have a sanitizer reading in the pool.  If you do, great, now use a new test strip and check the water you found near the heat pump.  Does it show a sanitizer reading?  If no, then you are likely seeing condensation from the unit which is nothing to worry about.  But if you do find that you have a sanitizer reading in the water from the heat pump, unfortunately, it is a sign of having a leaking heat pump.   

If you do not have a sanitizer reading in the pool, the test strip at the suspected water leak will not be valid.  You may want to get your sanitizer level up to a proper range and then retest the levels after some time has passed. 

Now that you have determined that the heat pump is leaking, check all the connections to ensure they are on hand tight, look to see if they have the appearance of wetness or dripping from these areas.  You may need to replace an o-ring or hose if they appear to have any cracks or wear. 

Any heat pump leaks beyond these simple steps, it is best to call a pool professional to service the heat pump.  Let the service team know that you have done the condensation test and you do not have a sanitizer reading at the leak point, but you do in the pool.  This allows the service team to be better prepared for when they arrive.  More information to the service team means less time they will spend completing tests you have already performed. 

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