Last time we focused on tips to ensure you had a good water test visit.  Now that you have the “prescription” in hand, what do you do?

After your water test is complete.

Balancing your water helps to prevent issues. Keeping the right balance of your swimming pool water is essential. Balancers control scale, avoid metallic stains, adjust pH and total alkalinity and correct mineral imbalances.

Our testing system is designed to provide the amounts required to fully balance your pool water using our BioGuard chemical product line.  If you are not using BioGuard products, the amounts provided will be inaccurate and you could chance damaging your pool liner and equipment as the water will not be properly balanced.  As Blaine mentioned in a previous blog: “All pool and spa chemicals are not created equal. Concentrations vary from manufacturer to manufacture.”

power-chlorIn addition to the amount of product to be added to the pool, we typically advise you to wait between applications of products.   We want to provide enough time for the water to absorb the product we are adding and even change the water composition.  It also means that you should abstain from swimming after a chemical has been applied – we would recommend waiting 1 hour after the product addition before swimming.  However, if you are using a shock such as our Power Chlor, we recommend waiting at least 8 hours before swimming.

When adding product to your pool, complete the process in the order the test print out states.  Also, be careful as to how to apply the product.  Some products may need to be completed in 3 doses, rather than just one.  This could be to prevent water cloudiness.  Some products need to be added by sprinkling it into the skimmer and not directly to the pool.  If you’re ever in doubt of how to add a product, please call for clarification.

You should always allow the water to absorb the products you have added and wait 24 hours prior to re-testing with your test strips.  By allowing this time to pass you will not mistakenly overdose the pool with chemicals.  Some chemicals can only be reduced by completing a partial drain and refill which can be costly if you need to bring in a water truck.

The weather and usage of the pool both contribute to the change in the water composition.  We recommend that you have your water professionally tested once a month to avoid any problems and to make pool life a breeze.  We also recommend you follow a weekly regime at home, which includes testing your chlorine and pH levels, shocking the pool and adding algaecide.

Now that you have added the product requirements to your pool you should be ready to jump on a lounger and just relax.  Happy Swimming :)

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