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  • If your pet enjoys the swimming pool as much as you, then this is the ebook for you! As much as we want our furry friends to enjoy the water, pool owners need to take certain precautions to protect their pets as well as the pool. In this free ebook we will address everything from […]

  • There are a lot of choices out there in the swimming pool supply world when it comes to the different types of covers you can use on your swimming pool. Unfortunately, there is a lot misinformation out there too. We here at Latham believe that the best decisions you make as far as which covers […]

  • Ancient writings and hieroglyphics are full of images of people swimming… at first in lakes, rivers and seas. But then human ingenuity devised a way to contain water in large, water-tight pools specifically for the purposes of bathing and exercise. Take a dive into this free e-book for a fun look at the history of […]

  • There’s no party like a pool party, that’s for sure! With so many activities to do around and in your pool it can create the perfect atmosphere for your next up-coming party. Giving yourself ample time to plan is key in any successful party.  So, what goes into planning a poolside party? We’ve created the […]

  • In-ground pool covers can be grouped into several categories including mesh pool covers, solid pool covers, and automatic pool covers. The three most important features of any pool cover are safety, convenience and energy efficiency. Although your family’s individual needs will help determine which of these features take priority, R&R Pools would like to help. Join […]

  • Inground swimming pools transform a backyard into an oasis of fun and relaxation. They’re havens for fun and games, exercise, and quiet respite. But inground pools aren’t cheap. There are ways to make them affordable, but they don’t come free. If you’re considering installing an inground pool but are unsure of how to pay for […]

  • Most don’t think of the swimsuit as a culturally significant fashion item, but it has a long and colorful history going back thousands of years with an evolution that might surprise you. And though we can’t be certain, one thing (probably) hasn’t changed at all—the agony and ecstasy of finding the perfect swimsuit. From the […]

  • As you consider the various types of swimming pools you could build in your backyard, polymer pools could easily be at the top of the list.  Before you take a splash into this in-ground pool option take the time to familiarize yourself with the product, it’s features, and it’s many benefits.

  • It is not uncommon to here strong opinions about both fiberglass and concrete pools.  The fact of the matter is once the comparison ends you will be left with an amazing inground swimming pool that you can delight in for many years to come.  So, what exactly is the difference between fiberglass swimming pools and […]