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Ryan and Kara live in Timberlea with their 3 year old Daughter Fallon, 2 cats and a dog. Ryan is a very hands-on guy who likes camping, fishing and gardening. Kara is a numbers gal and enjoys pool life, traveling and reading in her downtime. Fallon is an easy going sweet girl that loves to swim, draw and be outdoors.

They are very committed to their company and enjoy coming up with new ways to make pool life easier for everyone!

They have a great team of pool experts in house ready to help get you setup for success.

So, welcome to the family! We look forward to getting to know you better.

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Because we are nosy and sometimes it is great to address the kids by name when we are on site building the pool so they feel like they are part of the process.

Skip this question if you do not have children.

If you contacted us due to a referral please note the customer’s name.


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