Help my Pump/Heater/Return/Filter has no flow!

This one usually is easier than you thought. We just need to run through some things.

First, check for power! No power? No go! Fix that.

Pump has no flow?

  • Are you sure? Sometimes the water can look non-existent through the lid. Feel the returns first.
  • Empty all baskets and put filter on recirculate to give the optimum flow (don’t forget to put it back). If the flow becomes markedly better after isolating the filter,  the filter may just need a backwash.

If air is returning into the pool there might be a leak on the suction side of the pump.  Check the following items that maybe causing air to enter the system: 

The strainer cover and O-ring.  Tighten if loose or replace gasket if damaged.

Level of water in the pool is low causing water and air to mix into the skimmer..

The skimmer weir may be stuck in the up position causing water and air to mix in the skimmer.

Check the drain plugs on the pump strainer housing.

Check all of the threaded fittings in front of the pump for leaks from improper sealants or sealing procedures.

Check glued fittings for bad glue joints.

Check all valves for possible leaks. Valve stem O-rings are a common suction leak point.

Make sure all valves that should be open are open.

Check and ensure the pump is not cavitating.

Check pump housing for cracks.

If there is a 3 way valve for the skimmer and main drain lines, check each line individually to see if you only get air in the system on one line or the other

  • Is the pump turned up high enough? (For variable speeds only)
  • Check to make sure the suction line is free of obstructions. Do not vacuum without baskets!
  • Check to make sure the impeller is still attached to the shaft of the motor.  If the impeller has broken off, it will need to be replaced. (do this with the breaker off, or pump unplugged!)
  • Is the pump humming? Impeller is seized. Might be able to unseize it. (do this with the breaker off, or pump unplugged!)  If you cant unseize it, it may need to be replaced.

Filter has no flow?

Is your pressure gauge working correctly? Does it go to zero when the pump is off but move a lot higher when running? If not, replace before troubleshooting. Try Canadian Tire if we are closed.

Backwash it for 3 minutes with a 30 second rinse:  or clean the cartridges or backwash and recharge the DE

Is the pump not flowing correctly?

Does the filter media need to be replaced?

Heater has no flow?

Is it on? Titan manuals:

Filter flow problem? – Backwash the filter for 3 minutes with a 30 second rinse:

Is the water level high enough or the skimmer door stuck?

Pump flow problem? – see pump above

If you cannot isolate the problem, you can try the filter on recirculate/whirlpool however it cannot be left on this setting for long as it is bypassing the filter as it can cause damage if used incorrectly. You cannot add chemicals to the skimmer in this setting nor vacuum.

Return has no flow?

Did you check with your hand? Perception is really tricky. Trust your filter gauge over your memory. What does the filter gauge say? If it agrees with you start with backwashing (instructions above) and then move through the pump questions.

** Disclaimer: the above is for informational purposes only. Every problem and situation is unique. Our recommendation with any problem situation is to cease usage and contact your local pool company for a service call. We are not liable for any injury or damages while trying the above. **