Help my autocover isn’t working!

It can be so frustrating when your autocover will not cooperate.  As lovely and helpful autocovers are sometimes they can be sensitive and fickle. Occasionally a homeowner can diagnose and fix their own cover.

Here are the manuals for the covers we have installed:

The 3 most common problems with autocovers are:

  1. The cover wont move or close/open – or it is partially opened/closed,
  2. The cover is askew, or not even on both sides
  3. The cover came off the track

First, confirm the following:

  • Check for power to the motor and keypad
  • Open the vault and check for any items jammed in the cover, tube or ropes

At times, the cover can be put back into place after removing a jammed item by gently teasing the cover back and forth to see if the cover will straighten itself out. Occasionally some force may be required on the weak side. Please note that too much force can damage the cover further.

The second most common reason the cover is having problems is from a broken or stretched rope that needs to be replaced. In this case we may be able to get the cover open for you to use until a replacement can be brought in.

**If you are not able to reset the cover, please email us with pictures and a detailed description of the problem for a service call. We will get back to you during regular business hours.  **

Helpful Notables:

  • While opening the cover the tube does the work to open it while when closing the cover, the ropes do the work to pull it closed.
  • It is better to leave the cover open then to try and close it when there are cover problems. This also allows the use of the pool but only if the cover fully opens. * see note below
  • Do not force the autocover to open if it wont.
  • Do not under any circumstances use the pool if the cover is not fully retracted open. This could be defined as 1’ from the completely opened end (motor end).
  • Regular maintenance can help prevent autocover problems. Additionally, ensuring the water is fully removed from the cover before retracting it in addition to never using it as a winter cover can dramatically increase the life of the cover and components and prevent inconvenient cover problems.
  • Please check out Latham’s checklist for autocover maintenance:

** Disclaimer: the above is for informational purposes only. Every cover and situation is unique. Our recommendation with any cover problem situation is to cease usage and contact your local pool company for a service call. We are not liable for any injury or damages while trying the above. **