Check In Process

Our store is currently open, however we keep our door locked due to our small customer capacity. Please read the store rules and click I’m Here! to check in if you are in the parking lot waiting and we will invite you in if we are below maximum occupancy.

After reading the instructions below click the I’m Here! button above to check in.

When arriving at the store click the Join Waitlist button to check in.

Select the reason for your visit. Water test/Equipment Question/Supply Run/Prepaid Purchase Pick-up/Etc

Click Next.

Select how many people are in your party (due to COVID-19 we are only allowing 1 person at a time if necessary).

Leave your first and last name and cell phone number.

You will then receive a text message letting you know that we are aware that you are up in your car waiting

We will text you again when it is your turn

Please read carefully and acknowledge our COVID-19 terms and conditions. We will not serve customers who do not follow this policy.

Click the Add me to the list button. and you will receive a confirmation on your screen and via text message.

Please wait in your vehicle and you will receive a text message with instructions when we are ready to serve you.

Those wishing extra time or assistance require an appointment. Please email, call our store, or use the contact us form on our website to arrange one.

If you must enter the store for any reason please follow our store rules.

  • Please do not enter unless invited by one of our staff members.
  • Mask Required [Please bring your own. We will not be supplying them]
  • 1 person per household
  • Maintain 6′ distancing from our staff and others