Dazzle Ultra Shock


Ultra Shock is one of Dazzle’s most advanced weekly shock treatments used to help increase chlorine levels to get rids of wastes and contaminants. Additionally, it will help oxidize (gas away) wastes out of your pool to increase the overall health and clarity of your pool!


Product Description

A formulated, fast dissolving, chlorine-based shock treatment. Ideal for use at pool opening or closing time, as a problem-solver (part of an algae destruction treatment, clearing cloudy water due to insufficient chlorine levels) or any time a strong chlorine treatment is required. This pH neutral, multi-functional product performs the following functions in water; shocks, clarifies and generally enhances water.


Currently on order with our supplier but out of stock. Any orders placed for this item will be filled when our product arrives.

Additional Information


2.75kg, 8kg


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