Soft Soak – Trio


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Soft Soak – Trio

Soft Soak Trio by BioLab Trio is a simple spa care solution that ensures soft, clear water.  It works with almost all sanitizing systems including, bromine, chlorine, mineral, ozone, salt, etc (biguanide is the exception).

Soft Soak Trio includes a 3 month supply of of pre-measured doses to make treatment a breeze and it covers a majority of spa care needs.


  • Three month supply of water softening, clarifying and restoring hot tub cleanser
  • Enhances the feel of your hot tub water
  • Eliminates oils, lotions, sweat, and other organic waste
  • Cleans spa surfaces and pipes of built-up up dirt, grime, oils and lotions
  • Helps prevent corrosion and scale on surfaces
  • Treats 1300 to 1700 litres of hot tub water

The Trio three step system includes:

Soft Soak Trio Enhancing water Softener that utilizes a combination of softening minerals and salts to enhance the feel of fresh-filled water for three months.

Soft Soak Trio Weekly Softener and Clarifier is a multifunction, active-oxygen based formula that removes lingering water impurities, prevents corrosion and scale on surfaces and replenishes the softness of your water each week.

Soft Soak Trio Restoring Spa Cleanser breaks down built-up grime, lotion, body oils, make-up, hair-care products, dirt and debris in pipes and on surfaces. Cleaning your spa surfaces and pipes is essential for peak equipment performance and the highest quality water condition.


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