Net’Skim – The Universal Pre-Filter for Skimmer


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Product Description

Net’Skim® an easy- to-use, indispensable pool and spa accessory that simplifies maintenance and saves you money.


  • no more cleaning basket skimmers
  • hygienic disposal of caught up waste
  • pool maintenance becomes easier and less frequent
  • main filters can be cleaned at longer intervals
  • the pump is preserved as well as the total system


Net’Skim® is a pre-filter used on all basket skimmers up to 24cm in diameter, with or without handles. It retains dirt and rubbish (leaves, twigs, insects, etc.) which accumulate on the water surface. It simplifies the tedious job of cleaning the basket and protects the pomp. Its patented double fixture system: fastener and elastic, plus specialized netting of 250-300 microns guarantee optimal results.


As Net’Skim® has much finer netting than the basket skimmer, more particles are retained so the main filter is not solicited as ften. Further, far less chlorine and other chemical products are needed as levels of dirt and rubbish become minimal. Net’Skim® is both ecological and economical.



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