You don’t have time to clean your pool. Or maybe, you just don’t want to.

That’s okay! We have a team of cleaners here who are happy to take that chore off of your hands. Leave the weekly pool cleaning — vacuuming, scooping and chemical additions — to the pros. We will leave your pool sparkling clean and will also take care of any incidental problems that may have popped up along the way. There’s no need to bring in a monthly water sample or balance your own pool either; that’s all included in the service.

Let our cleaning team take care of your pool so you can focus on enjoying your summer. Contact us for more information!

Maintenance Program

This service is suitable for customers who want a maintenance free pool. Our maintenance program includes a vacuum, cleaning the waterline, backwashing or rinsing of the cartridges, emptying the baskets, brushing, skimming, scooping and a quick strip test for testing and balancing of pool water, plus the addition of the weekly maintenance chemicals. Extra services are performed as required.

Our weekly cleaning customers are guaranteed a sparkling clean, healthy swimming pool!


Current Service Area: Timberlea through Mahone Bay, Hammonds Plains, Halifax and Bedford