Coronavirus (COVID-19) and R&R Pools

Dear customers,

We are aware of the growing concerns about coronavirus (COVID-19) and are therefore implementing new measures, effective immediately, to provide a safe working and shopping environment.

What we are Offering

  • Online Shopping
  • Phone and Email Orders
  • Deliveries and Curbside Pick Up
  • Private Shopping Appointments
  • On-Site Water Testing and Balancing

What we are Doing

  • More frequent cleaning of our store, especially door handles, counters and payment terminals
  • Making antiviral products available to customers and employees
  • Regularly reminding all employees about the hygiene practices they should adopt to prevent the spread of the virus
  • Limited store hours
  • Curbside ordering and pickup and private shopping appointments only. Our store is temporarily closed to walk-in customers.

Prior to ordering curbside or phoning in or emailing us with your order we suggest you check your current inventory against our product list and make note of the items you need to purchase. To view the list of products sold in store please click here.

In-store measures

As a precaution, we’ve asked all employees, including store employees, who have travelled outside the country in the last two weeks to stay at home after returning.

Similarly, if you have travelled abroad or if you’re experiencing flu-like symptoms, we ask that you call or email us for delivery or purchase through our online store instead of shopping at our store. We can be reached by phone at 902-876-2773, by email or on our website at

Impact on supply

We currently DO NOT have all products in stock for the upcoming season however our buying group is in constant contact with manufacturers to help ensure that we can maintain supply throughout the season. We have been told that not all our on order items will arrive in 2021. We have asked customers to plan accordingly as stock is first come first serve.

Our team now meets daily to assess the level of risk associated with COVID-19 and make sure the appropriate procedures have been implemented and explained to employees and customers. We continue to closely monitor the situation as it evolves, and we will keep you informed about the latest developments. We want to ensure that you can shop with peace of mind, and then escape the stress of this situation in the comfort of your own backyard.

Going forward…

We are taking things very seriously and hope that our customers are too. To make the next few weeks, possibly months, a little easier on our customers we are trying to make our products and services more available to those at home. Please contact us if you need anything.

If you have any suggestions on how we can serve you better during this time please contact us and let us know.

R&R Pools is temporarily urging customers to shop online

We love interacting with our customers in store, but given the current circumstances, for the health and safety of both our staff and customers we are encouraging that more people use our online store or place orders via email or phone to reduce unnecessary social contact. We understand the anxiety that comes with the increased risk of exposure, however we also understand that it is important to look after your pool and spa, as well as perform proper water care, for the safety of those using your pool and equipment.

This is what we are doing to make things easier for everyone:

Online Shopping

Most of the products sold in store are currently available at our online store. Items purchased through the online store can be set for curbside pickup if you are outside, placed in our click-n-pick lockers or be delivered directly to your backyard.

If you do not see what you are looking for online please contact us. We may have it in stock or may be able to order it for you.

Ordering via Email or Phone

If you are not comfortable shopping online you can call or email in your order. Call us at 902-876-2773 or email us at

Prior to ordering via phone or email we suggest that you check your current inventory against our product list and make note of the items you need to purchase. To view the list of products sold in store please click here.

Private Shopping Appointments

Our store is temporarily closed to walk-in customers, although we still will serve customers curbside. For those customers who do need to shop in person, in order to allow our customers and staff to maintain safe social distancing at this time, we recommend they book private shopping appointments with us. Call us at 902-876-2773 or email us at to set up a private appointment.

If you have booked a private appointment and are sick, have travelled or have been near someone who has travelled DO NOT ENTER we have a staff member who is immunocompromised.

We are no longer accepting cash. Credit/Debit only please.

Please do not touch products in store, please ask for assistance in shopping and our staff members will collect your items for you.

On-site Water Testing and Balancing ($75+ chemicals)

We will test your water and balance it using our BioGuard water treatment products. This is a partial hands-off service. Weekly testing and addition of ph, sanitizer, oxidizer and algaecide is still required by customers. Chemicals are extra.

On-Site Monthly Water Testing

Our office will continue to remain open for our regular hours.

We will be here to help you with phone, email and online shopping support! We will be in the office on Weekdays from 9am to 5pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 3pm.

Going forward…

Pools and hot tubs will continue to be a safe entertainment place for customers and their families going forward. However, we are aware that these places also tend to be great places for social gatherings. At this time we are advising customers that large social gatherings in your backyard this up-coming season should be avoided until the COVID-19 pandemic is officially declared to be under control by our government health officials. We want to keep you safe this season and want to ensure that you can still safely enjoy your backyard paradise.

R&R Pools will continue to provide you with updates regarding the ongoing COVID-19 and how it will affect us.