Bundle Up Sale

Bundle Up & Receive Sale

Join us, beginning on December 2nd for our Bundle Up Sale. We will have different bundle packages to choose from as well as some other terrific deals.  Check out the sale below!


Purchase a Sarong or Convertible Dress
Receive a pair of Barefoot Sandals FREE


Purchase an Aqua Hammock and Beach Bag
Receive your choice of Sunglasses or Sunhat FREE


Purchase a Mermaid Fin or Floating Fin with Jelly Goggles
Receive Dive Rings FREE


Purchase Spa Trio at a sale price of $99.99 (Trio regular price $109.99)
Receive Spa Filter Brite FREE



Purchase Optimizer Plus 9kg
Receive Pool Filter Brite FREE


Purchase a Large Smart Pak
Receive Pool Complete FREE

Bundle Up & Save Sale

Adult Swim Pack 1:

Shockwave Googles                        Regular: $ 39.97
Ear Plugs                                            Now Only $ 31.97
Swim Cap                                          Save $8.00


Adult Swim Pack 2:

Alignment Kickboard                       Regular: $ 51.97
Energy Goggles                                Now Only $ 39.97
Ear Plugs                                            Save $12.00



Maintenance Bundle 1:

Deep Leaf Net                                   Regular: $ 79.97
Transparent Vac Head                    Now Only $ 64.97
Aluminum Wall Brush                     Save $15.00


Maintenance Bundle 2:

Leaf Skimmer                                    Regular: $ 64.97
Transparent Vac Head                    Now Only $ 49.97
Aluminum Wall Brush                     Save $15.00


Also available:                Buy 2, get 1 FREE spa scents

(scents are pre-packaged and ready to go)