Archive: Jun 2014

  • Safety Covers — More than just for safety

    I don’t think we could finish safety month without talking about the safety cover. A swimming pool safety cover is more than just for safety, it will transform your backyard, keep costs low, and keep your family safe. There are two types of safety covers; the common winter safety cover and the automatic safety cover. Both […]

  • Swimming Safety at R&R Pools Starts with you!

    How can you keep everyone safe? Adults or lifeguards should be actively watching children at all times while they are in a pool. Infants and little ones require an adult to be in the water and at arm’s reach, providing “touch supervision.”  For older children, an adult should be paying immediate attention and free from distractions, like talking on the […]

  • Pool rules! Who rules your pool?

    Having a set of pool rules for your backyard is a must have for pool owners. It is a great guideline for your own family and for visiting guests. It helps set the expectations of acceptable behavior in and around the swimming pool area to keep everyone safe and sound at all times. Those rules and […]

  • Stay safe at R&R Pools

    As promised in my last blog, safety equipment and ways to stay safe all season long are available at R&R Pools. Whether it is a safety hook or pool alarms, we are prepared. Are you? Some of the tools we have for safety, are safety hooks, poles, swim rings, arm bands, pool alarms, and so […]

  • Who says taking care of a pool is time consuming? NOT US!

    At R&R Pools we love educating our customers. It’s a pleasure when we can help a pool owner get more time to themselves and keep that pool looking fabulous for just minutes a week. With the right tools and the right guide pool ownership just got simple! R&R Pools has the BioGuard 5 Minute Smart […]

  • Childhood Memories

    It doesn’t take much for me to think back to my childhood. I can’t remember life without a swimming pool. Water has always been such a basic, yet essential, part of my life. My fondest summertime memories, forever etched in my mind, are of countless hours of swimming and poolside playing. The refreshing splash from a dive […]

  • Father’s Day, A weekend of sales at R&R Pools

    Just like every other special day of the year, we at R&R Pools help you and your family celebrate it, by saving you money with a weekend filled with great sales and gift ideas for Father’s Day. We have so many great gift ideas for you this year that we just had to put some […]