A New Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving has always been a time for friends and families to come together and create memories while observing their traditions, to give thanks for all that they are grateful for.  But have you thought about ways to add to your family celebrations, putting your own spin on the Holiday to make it truly yours?

If you haven’t closed the pool yet, why not start a new tradition and take thanksgiving outside?  Setting up thanksgiving dinner outside can add to the ambiance of the holiday.  Add to the festivities by placing floating candles in the pool water, even some floating pumpkins or cornucopia will help set the mood.

Don’t forget the pool house, deck it out with some decorations to add to your joyful style.

Use an outdoor turkey fryer to cook the main dish.  Serve dinner with some warm apple cider, café mocha or some apple cinnamon tea.  Add a heat source by using a fire pit and offer marshmallows to your guests for toasting up for their sweet potatoes, or to make s’mores for dessert.

If you still have your heat pump on, offer an after-dinner swim to your guests, maybe a game of in-pool football or Marco polo.  Have blankets nearby for anyone who get too chilly as the day fades into the evening.  If the football lovers in your family can’t be without the game for one afternoon, consider bringing the television out to the patio.

Whether you decide to spend your thanksgiving inside or out, we send you the warmest wishes for the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving from our Family to Yours!